Maria Laura Benavente Sovieri

Visual artist Maria Laura Benavente Sovieri collaborated with advertising agency Club de Estigma to create these fun, colourful, eye-catching images to advertise products sold at the central market of Las Palmas located in the Grand Canaria Island. The images were created to make the products look more appealing to customers, created using brightly coloured sheets of paper, Maria manages to present illustrations that almost make the viewer’s mouth water because of her use of bright colours and simple shapes to represent natural foods and beverages. The use of brightly coloured backgrounds match the colours in the foreground while still leaving all attention on the illustrations of the food so not to take the focus away from what is important.
Paper, being such a simple medium to work with shows the simplicity of the food to the viewers, showing them that all the products are natural and healthy, no un-necessary added chemicals or preservatives. The use of brightly coloured paper and simplistic shapes create illustrations that lack realism, this being what makes Maria’s illustrations so successful, they capture the viewers’ attention. The products look more appealing because of their unrealistic character and appearance, they resemble toys a child might play with, which presents an image of safety and cleanliness as a parent would only give a toy to a child if it were safe and clean, this again is a subtle way of telling the viewer that all the food products here are safe, hygienic, natural and healthy.
The bold background colours reinforce the playful persona Maria attempts to apply to these products while keeping all the attention and focus on the foreground illustrations.
They are successful images as they advertise everyday objects in a fun exciting way, presenting the market food as luxury items that are healthy, simple and natural.




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