Maud Vantours

If you’re a lover of bright vibrant colours and beautiful images crafted out of nothing but paper then Maud Vantours is the woman for you.  Born in France in 1985, Vantours now works in Paris as a designer and visual artist, paper being her favourite material with which to work.

Her work often takes on a bold and vibrant appearance either to catch the eye of a potential buyer of her quirky colourful iPhone cases or to advertise various globally known luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme.

In particular a piece of her work that stands out amongst the rest is her set design work for Arjowiggins, being one of leading producers of paper products. They specialise in paper, so it seems only fitting that they have a successful paper craft artist create advertisement set design for the business.  Vantours work features highly crafted images of intricate patterns and one that appears to be of an owl. The work is not entirely clear as to what it appears to be, however this is what gives it its charm. The viewer gets lost in the endless colours and layers that make up these intricate pieces, almost forgetting for a second that these incredible pieces are in fact made of paper. It is apparent through this piece in particular that Vantours is inspired by volume, as the many layers of brightly coloured card creating the illusion of depth and mass to the piece. For this reason, the piece successfully advertises this company as it’s all about paper; every little detail of the image is about fun, modern ways in which paper can be used, it is not shown simply as a material but as an art form in its self.

Another reason the piece is successful is because it is not apparent upon first inspection that the piece is advertising paper, unlike some of Vantours other work, this piece subtly advertises a company while being a work of art without the obvious company brand behind it. The piece feels explosive and exciting, the viewer unsure of what the image is supposed to be of and why it was created is encouraged to then do some digging and find out more about what this image could possibly be used for, especially those with artistic minds, also being Arjowiggins main target audience group.

The piece really captures the fun, exciting aspects of paper encouraging the reader that paper in itself can be a luxury item much like the other expensive items Vantours often advertises through her work. While keeping a sense of complexity that encourages the viewer to follow their curiosity and find out more about the image. The image is therefore a successful piece of art and a fantastic way of advertising for a company whose main target audience will be interested in the creativity and ideas involved in getting to the final outcome of the piece.


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