M.K. Gandhi Institute

The season for Nonviolence campaign caught my eye on Pinterest; originally I thought the ad was for animal abuse because of the blank poster with words written in what appears to resemble blood. When I looked at the poster, the words read ‘stop cruelty to humans’ clearly not an animal abuse ad.

M.K. Gandhi Institute, (New York) created the campaign for the 64-day campaign designed to spread a message of peace during the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  To start the project the creative team researched what people were passionate about and found that a lot people are more passionate about animal rights than most other causes. Based on the research the team decided to use animal activism language to get their message across to the viewers. The aim of the ads being in the style of animal rights posters was to remind people about social injustices committed against humans, that they need help too.

The campaign included TV, radio, print and T Shirts. All mediums involved slogans such as ‘save the humans’ and ‘end abuse to humans, closely mimicking animal rights activism slogans, ‘end abuse to animals’. The close resemblance reinforces the fact that there is a lot of focus on animal rights, and while this is an important cause, there needs to be more emphasis on human rights, and the cruelty and abuse many humans are faced with, but their stories never told.

The strongest part of the campaign is the poster with the words ‘stop cruelty to humans’, written in what appears to resemble blood. The use of this makes the viewer realise the seriousness of the issue, people are getting seriously hurt or losing their lives in areas of the world where human rights is not as strict and people don’t have the protection they need. It enforces to the viewer that while animals need our help, people do too, they need protecting and to do so, more people need to be aware of the issue, as aware people are of animal abuse.

The campaign definitely works, as someone passionate about animal rights, when I first glanced at the ad on Pinterest I originally thought it was a campaign concerning animal abuse, while I am already aware of the seriousness of the issue of human rights it made me think about the emphasis on animal cruelty compared to cruelty to humans. The campaign successfully emphasises the importance of helping this cause and raising awareness about human rights so society are more aware of the abuse people are faced with and their stores not told.


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Images from – http://www.commarts.com/exhibit/season-nonviolence.html


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