Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Global warming is a heavily talked and debated subject. Everyone wants to come across as doing their bit; no one wants to seem like their using too much electricity or polluting the earth. Campaigns and advertisements for the issue are everywhere; they’re overdone and often include various animals in dying habitats.

Freelance art director and digital artist, Ferdi Rizkiyanto created a global warming awareness ad featuring a penguin pulling the plug on a lamp. Overdone? Yes. Effective? Yes. While the concept of the ad is used again and again, a helpless animal trying to warn humans of the effect we’re having on the planet that we share with these helpless animals is overdone, it still works.   The ad doesn’t stand out as a fantastic advertisement because the idea isn’t new, while its effective and gets the point across to the viewer which is the main aim it does not have anything about it that is cleaver or a new idea to make it stand out and really wow the viewers, it’s just effective. For an advertisement this is the main priority, it’s not meant to be a piece of art, while some are, this one is simply an advertisement that works.

While I don’t feel amazed by this ad, Rizkiyanto created I will admit it is effective and meets all the main criteria of a successful advertisement for global warming awareness.


Image from – http://ferdi-rizkiyanto.blogspot.co.uk/2009/06/global-warming-ad.html


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