Y&R Dubai

It was only on the second glance that I realised the clever thinking behind these advertisement posters against violence and abuse. Scrolling through Pinterest I noticed these ads created by Y&R Dubai for KAFA, an organization aiming to put a stop to gender based violence and abuse in the Middle East. The realisation at what they had done made me actually vocalise my amazement at how clever these advertisement really are. The ads present the viewer with the image of a woman who appears to have been attacked in some way, leaving each woman with a form of wound on their face. The wounds are in fact the sound waves of verbal abuse words such as ‘whore’ or ‘slut’ showing the viewer that abuse is not only physical but also verbal.

Verbal abuse can be just as damaging to a person’s health as physical abuse can be and this ad puts emphasis on this fact. While this is often not realised or taken seriously when a victim makes complaints or speaks up about verbal abuse, Y&R Dubai make the viewer realise that it can be just as damaging to their health and while they may not appear to be hurt the same way a victim of physical abuse is, they can feel just as hurt and scared by this form of abuse. The posters are very simple; each one appears to have the same minimalist appearance, with a different model. This puts all the focus on the wounds rather making the viewer notice this first. It is only when the viewer looks again at this campaign that they realise the wounds are in fact sound waves for various verbal abuse.

The simple appearance of the posters and the clever aspect of the verbal abuse wounds not being obvious upon the first look means that these ads really make the viewer think about this issue, it’s something not many people consider to be a serious form of abuse because there are no physical wounds from verbal abuse however it can have the same effect on victims causing them to feel trapped in a violent relationship. These ads make the viewer consider the seriousness of the issue that they would not necessarily have considered beforehand.

kafa1 kafa2 kafa3

Images from – http://www.coloribus.com/adsarchive/design/kafa-words-hurt-16574405/



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