APAV – Victim support

This victim support advertisement created for the Portuguese Association for Victim Support shows images of women, men and children of all ages being silenced. The images portray a victim with a blank expression, some have a black eye or a wound across their face, others don’t, showing not all victims of abuse have visible wounds to see, it can be hidden. In all the images the victims are being silenced by a hand gesture across their mouth, when the viewer looks at these posters they can see that the hand does not belong to the victim, whether it is a woman with a man’s hand silencing her or a child with an older persons hand silencing them the viewer can see that they are not silencing themselves, there is someone probably the attacker silencing them so they cannot speak up about the abuse they are suffering from.

At the bottom of the poster the viewer can see the words ‘silence hurts’ showing that people need to speak up about this issue as the victims need support and are not getting any. The campaign aims to show the viewers that there are victims of abuse everywhere, some do not show any wounds or bruises, and they are kept hidden and fear to speak out about this abuse. While the image of the poster is clear to me, I have viewed posters like this for abuse victims over and over again; the photo-shopped bruises and cuts across models faces don’t have a strong effect on all viewers. It’s the kind of poster you can walk past without a second glance, the dull colours and bleak facial expressions of the models creates a poster that does not stand out it blends in, while it could be argued that this is raising awareness of how abuse victims are hidden and often don’t speak out about the abuse, for me it shows that the posters are not standing out in public, they are over done style posters that do not grab the viewers’ attention as well as some posters for abuse victims out there do.

The strapline and helpline number for the campaign are so small you can barely see them at the bottom of the poster, while sometimes this works I don’t feel these images are bold enough to be the main focus of the poster with very little explanation of what cause they are advertising.

While some campaigns similar to this have created a successful bold impact on myself and hopefully other viewers, I feel this one does not, the mixture of dark dull colours and an image that is not entirely clear to some viewers, with the added tiny print at the bottom of the image creates an unclear advertisement that blends in too well with other surrounding campaigns unable to create a bold hard hitting effect on the viewer that a campaign like this should be creating.

Hurt-Kid-o Hurt-Old-Man-o Hurt-Woman-o


Images from – http://www.creativeadawards.com/hurt-woman/


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