The Body Shop

Rada Petrovic, a copywriter from London played a key part as head of copywriting in The Body Shop 2012 relaunch, creating the strapline ‘Beauty with heart’. The relaunch aimed to capture ‘‘the brand platform of beauty with ethics’’  ( The Body Shop being globally famous for their ethical views and high standard beauty products, so obviously a relaunch campaign had to capture these two aspects equally. Two ethical issues were tackled with this relaunch, The Body Shop’s well known stance on animal testing and their Fairtrade products.

The strapline ‘Beauty with heart’ captures this ethical, caring aspect of The Body Shop in a clear, bold way with just a few words. The word beauty is clearly important as while The Body Shop wants to advertise their ethical stance on global issues they also want to make it clear that their products are beauty products and of a high standard, they want to sell their products. The image of model Lily Cole paired with the word ‘beauty’ is an obvious way of advertising their products. The viewer feels encouraged to buy from The Body Shop because of their face and body products being advertised by a beautiful woman. This tactic is well known and used by nearly every single beauty company around the world and yet it works. The image of a beautiful woman advertising beauty products just encourages us to buy from that particular company because of the idea that we might look like them if we use that particular shampoo or perfume, ridiculous yet effective.  The use of the word ‘heart’ just adds to how effective and appealing this campaign already is. Who doesn’t want to come across as eco-friendly, ethical and caring? People like the idea of a more caring ethical world and if buying from a particular company means that you’re ‘doing your bit’ then we’re all drawn in.

The minimalist appearance of this campaign adds to the idea of ethical products. There are no added nasty chemicals in The Body Shop’s products, the use of browns, greens, whites and pale blues creates an image of peace and nature in the viewer’s mind, putting emphasis on their Fairtrade, eco-friendly views.  The world that Lily Cole appears to be holding in the lead campaign image, made up of grass and flowers and nothing more again emphasises The Body Shop’s global ethical awareness. They care. That’s the main thing The Body Shop communicates through this campaign, they show they care about people, animals and the world itself. What could possibly be more appealing than an attractive woman advertising high quality beauty products that are ethical and eco-friendly? The Body Shop’s relaunch puts emphasis on all their strengths that put them ahead of other brands the viewer will see on the high street.

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