Lo Siento

Lo Siento’s use of paper craft caught my eye because some of their work appears to resemble infographics with the visual aid of paper craft images. Their work inspires me greatly because of this combination of the two areas I am interested in incorporating in my own studio practice.

Their work with paper craft varies from paper cut out covers to 3d and illustrative pieces. In particular a piece that caught my eye was their ‘Barcelona Design meets London Design’ poster.  This particular piece is effective because of the image used. Through the use of paper craft, Lo Siento created an image of two hands representing two people greeting each other in this case Barcelona and London design teams.  The arm representing London is clear to the viewer because of the umbrella at the top of the arm, while the arm representing Barcelona has a shape similar to an ice- cream, showing the viewer the major differences between the two places and possibly the two design teams. While Lo Siento show these differences, the image of the shaking hands shows that despite these differences the two design teams will be working together and will do so to a high professional standard.

Another piece that got my attention was the paper shoe piece they produced for a commercial on ‘Aro Sneakers’. This particular piece of work makes the viewer really study the shoe, seeing each part of the shoe because of the intricate and delicate work that went into the making of it. The piece works well for an advertisement because of this reason. With the purpose of an advertisement being to gain attention and publicity to showcase a product or brand this piece successfully gains the attention of viewers making them aware of a brand they may not have heard of before.

contents_329 contents_333 contents_421 contents_1149

Images from – http://www.losiento.net/


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