Lo Siento – I want to be a soldier

Lo Siento’s poster for Italian film ‘I want to be a soldier’ (2011) directed by Christian Molina, successfully advertised the film through their images used. The cover depicts a boy who appears to be screaming with aggression not terror, holding a gun to his head. The eye-catching image grabs the viewers’ attention not only because of the age of the child in this violent image but because of the film title printed across the image in bold white lettering against a red banner ‘I want to be a soldier’ the viewer imagines the boy shouting this statement through his aggressive screaming.

The boy appears to be dressed as a stereotypical soldier, shaved head and boots the boy appears to be a violent image in himself, slightly worrying as the boy appears to be around eleven years of age. This bold image being the only image used for the poster causes the viewer to become interested in the film, this being the main aim of the poster.

When looked at even closer the viewer realises the barrel of the gun the boy is holding to his head is in fact a television remote representing the fact that in this film it is believed the boy wants to be a soldier because of inspiration from violent tv shows and video games. The subtle image not only represents this aspect of the film, but could arguably be a message to society that these images we are exposed to could have a negative effect on children of young ages, especially those used in video games and tv shows.

The poster Lo Siento designed cleverly creates an eye catching image that grabs the viewers’ attention, making them want to see the film because of its bold shocking image used to represent the message of the film. The ad is successful in communicating what the film is about with the viewer as well as sending a subtle message that could reflect on our society.

contents_471 contents_472

Images from – http://www.losiento.net/entry/i-want-to-be-a-soldier


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