Mariana Miseravel

Through Tumblr I came across these quirky little zines by Mariana Miseravel, the zine titled Little Miserable Book features uplifting, important advice for the pessimistic days we all experience from time to time. Each page features a quote such as ‘’don’t listen to your negative thoughts’’ accompanied by an illustration reminding the viewer to be optimistic about life when it gets tough.

Miseravel’s illustrations feature a tongue in cheek humour that makes them so much more attractive to own, the light hearted yet important messages make the viewer feel bursts of happiness and a sense of being able to overcome any situation that makes the viewer want to own the miniature zines themselves.

The illustrations, in their child like style remind the viewer of the child in themselves, creating a more care free attitude that Miseravel aims to promote through her work.

Mariana Miseravel creates these miniature zines in a concertina style of book binding making them easier to display at exhibitions so the viewer can view both sides and a fun way of revealing each important message to the viewer if they own one themselves.

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