Cassandra Fernandez

Cassandra Fernandez, an artist skilled within painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking among others, created this 3d book sculpture inspired by the concept of ‘freedom’. The piece titled ‘’Among Humans’’ features pages with illustrations of birds created from lino prints in ink on the paper and wood structure.  The piece when opened reveals illustrations of birds flying free and when closed, the piece shows illustrations of birds with a wooden structure representing a cage; Fernandez even uses a chain to keep the piece closed when it is in this form so it has to be unchained to see the free birds, clearly representing freedom and slavery.

The absence of words with this piece means it is completely up to the viewer to decide how they interpret this piece, it is however hard to miss the obvious link to slavery through the images of the birds. The literal unchaining of the book to reveal the freedom of the birds represents clearly the abolishment of slavery.  The use of just the colour black could represent the racism within slavery. Maybe that’s reading too much into it? However that is the strength of this piece – it’s completely up to the viewer’s interpretation.

The aesthetically pleasing aspect of this piece is that it stands alone as a structure once opened, it does not require to be read as a book, it stands alone so it can be viewed in no particular order, the pages all becoming one large page.  When the piece is opened there is a chain at the top so it can hang as a display, representing the hanging of a birds cage it leaves the viewer’s wondering if the birds are truly free if the cage still stands, referencing once again slavery and racism, are people truly  free if racism still exists.

final_editionoftwo-672x791.616.1346708537 final_hanguing-672x744.08727272727.1346708548 final_open-672x558.88.1346708554


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