Lo Siento – Red Battle

This particular piece by Lo Siento caught my eye because of its obvious relevance to my own studio practice. The bold shape appears to just be one big bold shape and nothing more because of the detail being so tiny and red being the only colour used, but when looked at in more detail the viewer becomes aware of these tiny intricate soldiers and tanks scattered across the mass of card. Carefully cut out of the sculpture itself, each solider stands up on the sculpture leaving what looks like a shadow behind them.

Using only one colour for this piece, Lo Siento chose red. With no explanation to the colour the viewer is left to assume for themselves that the chosen colour of red was a conscious decision based upon the colour red’s connotations of danger, blood, violence, which are all also connotations of the word war.

At the bottom of the sculpture the viewer can see a few more paper soldiers, limbs and blood splatters that are not attached to the sculpture and are scattered across the floor, representing the lives lost in war. This addition to the piece makes the viewer’s think about the soldiers’ lives lost in war and the fact that war is such a dangerous and violent place for them. While I feel it is important to think about this fact I don’t feel like the piece is an overall good representation of the danger of war as 90% of wars lives lost are civilians, it does however get the viewer’s thinking about how dangerous war is and that lives are lost which is important when seen as an ant-war piece.

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Images from – http://www.losiento.net/entry/red-battle


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