Jennifer Collier

British artist, Jennifer Collier’s work revolves around reusing various types of paper to create sculptures of 3d objects that you could find around the home. She uses paper relevant to the object, for example she would create a sewing machine out of old dress making patterns. Collier finds her materials by looking in charity shops and at flea markets, “then investigate a way in which they can be reused and transformed; giving new life to things that would otherwise go unloved or be thrown away.” (Jennifer Collier – Collier’s pieces appear to be from a much older ear, from both her use of material and her subject matter, which is aesthetically more pleasing. The use of type writers and SLR cameras created out old papers creates a feeling of nostalgia that the viewer can relate to more than if these sculptures were of modern items such as laptops or DSLR cameras” Due to the nature of materials I use they always spark memories for the viewer. People tend to attach their own nostalgia to my work by recognising a place on a map, a book they have read, an item they have used. I believe that the work should not have to be explained too much and that the audience can construct their own meanings and narrative.”  (Jennifer Collier – The pieces are attractive to the viewer, and while they fit no purpose, they are something most people can appreciate as the pieces are of a nostalgic nature, reminding the viewer of a time or a place they hold dear to them, while the fragile nature of the materials reminds the viewer that the memories they associate with Collier’s work are delicate, this makes the viewer more likely to feel ‘connected’ to Collier’s work because of this feeling of nostalgia.

Collier works with paper craft in a different way to a lot of paper craft artists, bring materials such as thread into her work and actually sewing each piece together, this creates a more sturdy structure for her work and makes it appear to the viewer as a more professional piece that they could not just make at home encouraging the viewer to purchase Collier’s work as it is crafted to a high professional standard and does produce that feeling of nostalgia for the viewer.

book-dress-detail typewriter-1 phone1 map-slr1

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