Yusuke Oono

Japanese artist and architect, Yusuke Oono brings a whole new dimension to paper craft art. Through the use of bookbinding and paper cut illustration, Yusuke Oono creates a 3d piece of art that tells well know stories in a different way. Oono’s work appeals to people of all ages. While both adults and children can appreciate the intricate paper cut illustrations and the beauty and complexity of his work, Oono’s work especially appeals to children, the illustrations of well-known stories such as Snow White and The Jungle Book presented in a 3d form, influences feelings of the story world ‘coming alive’ making the viewer feel more involved in the story as the 3d form makes the story more interactive.

Yusuke Oono uses 3d CAD and laser cutting to create these intricate illustrations out of paper. “I design my products, by 3d CAD which is used for architecture design. This time, I tried to find something new system to express dimensions in real life. The landscape such as ground and tree in 360 degree book is made as 3d object (like a cray model) in computer and I sliced them by rotating plane. Finally, each sections are used as pages of the book. With this system, everyone who opens the book can enjoy it and is surprised by the dramatic transformation” (Yusuke Oono 2012 – http://www.loftwork.com/portfolios/oonoyusuke/archive/341628 )    Oono uses this method to be able to create a piece of work that transforms into its 3d form, ”surprised by the dramatic transformation” Oono’s work does surprise the viewer like he sets out to do, the 3d form leaves the viewer interested in the illustrations and keeps everyone’s attention.

Oono’s use of colour also aids in making the story come alive for the viewer. Multiple pieces of Oono’s work are done with just the use of white card this makes his work look simple and clean. The use of white card is especially effective for his Snow White and Christmas Version books as the colour adds to the atmosphere of the book, resembling the snow in Christmas Version. His use of orange-yellow card in In A Cheese makes it easier for the viewer to visualise the mice being inside a block of cheese. While some of his pieces are done with the use of one colour, Oono occasionally uses multiple pieces, I don’t feel that multiple colours is as effective as it makes the illustrations look far more complex than they are. While his illustrations are intricate, they work better as a piece when kept looking as simple as possible because of the numerous layers creating a 3d scene. The use of multiple colours makes the layers look separate which takes away from the bold 3d form.

Yusuke Oono’s work creates an engaging piece for the viewers. “Yusuke Oono adds depth to an especially two dimensional medium: paper.” (Danny Olda, 2014 – http://hifructose.com/2014/01/15/books-that-unfold-into-cut-paper-art-by-yusuke-oono/)  Oono’s work has been recognised by various other artists for creating something entirely new and for referring to the viewer’s imagination. “Oono’s book-like pieces appear to reference the ways stories leave the page and take form in our imagination.” (Danny Olda 2014 – ‘’ ) Oono’s use of illustrations associated with childhood, such as animal characters and fairy tales creates a feeling of the world coming alive. Emphasising the importance of childlike imagination.

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Images from – http://www.loftwork.com/portfolios/oonoyusuke/


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